Paintballing + Sleep

Since SAYCO, I’m still getting used to living on normal feelings compared to adrenaline. I’m also continuing to catch up on sleep. My two night shifts didn’t assist the sleep issue though… working midnight to six o’clock a.m made me feel like I had jet lag all over again. Hello grumpy Teagan! & that was only training so I’m prepared for more of them.

I finished the week off with some lovely people as we trekked to the middle of nowhere to play paintball. What a blast! After four games of shooting paint, hiding behind fences, forts and trees, laughing at each other and dressed in camouflage we came away with memories and a few bruises {I have one at least three times the size of a golf ball, while dad counted 17 bruises on his body!}. We drove another hour to Victor Harbour for lunch where the rain held off and God provided some beautiful sunshine for a picnic. Due to exhaustion many of us had a ‘shut-eye’ on the way home. Mum, Dad and I made scrummy home-made pizzas for dinner as we reminisced about our day. Thankyou Nan & Farnder for the voucher, thankyou Dad for paying and organising it too!


One thought on “Paintballing + Sleep

  1. Proverbs 20:29 says:’The glory of young men is their strength: and the beauty of old men is the grey head.’ God bless you Michael.

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