Picnicing it up with Mr J-amazing

Sunday was glorious! There aren’t enough words to explain how beautiful it was. The day started with church where we witnessed four people dedicate their lives to God and get baptised, we also listened to a great friend’s message. The rest of the day was ‘date day’ for Mr J and I. We drove to this place & picnic time! {Picnics are fabulous.} The next four hours flew by. We ate nice food, drank yummier orange juice and burnt it all off laughing. We talked and learnt more about each other. I couldn’t wipe the smile off my face. God blessed us with wonderful weather and He has blessed me with an amazing man in my life. I wouldn’t change a thing.


2 thoughts on “Picnicing it up with Mr J-amazing

  1. When I wandered through the Gardens a few months ago, I was amazed at how peaceful it was.
    Quote from ‘Be Happy’ by Patrick Llindsay
    ‘Be happy…
    Set goals
    They give direction and purpose and a sense of optimism.
    But paint with a broad brush. Fill in the details as needed.
    Plan for tomorrow but live a day at a time.’
    X Mmk

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