Tiredness to Excitement to Dreams

Night shift makes me go topsy-turvy. I woke up and had breakfast at 2:00pm today. Missed lunch. Waiting for dinner. I’m delirious, however God has given us a beautiful day so I’m making the most of the sun. I don’t feel guilty to have chocolate almonds in my hand, for the reason that summer netball begins tonight before I have another 8 hour shift this evening.  Already looking forward to the weekend, dance lesson’s with Mr J {and others}, a very special ladies 30th birthday and some more nice weather. Bring it.

Sometimes my brain gets excited for possible future happenings {Pinterest assists this immensely}. At the moment they are:
* Road tripping around Australia
* Seeing Snow
* Owning and renovating a house
* Studying again > being a teacher
* Planning weddings
* Getting to know God better
* Having unlimited time to make my space my own and do craft
* DIY Christmas gifts
* Travelling to Europe

Patience is the key.
What are some of your dreams?

I hope your weeks are on a high! 


One thought on “Tiredness to Excitement to Dreams

  1. ‘Be Happy’ Patrick Lindsay
    ‘Be happy …
    Think laterally
    Employ both sides of your brain. Connect your imagination to your reasoning.
    Gather information, use your intelligence.
    Then consider things creatively.
    Break away from analysis and judgement.
    Move into your dreamworld.’
    Dare to dream with God.

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