A Little Bit of Everything

Dance lessons were so much fun. We laughed lots and Mr J surprised me with his enthusiasm. It was great – Looking forward to the next 5 lessons we have in the future. Tennis yesterday was hot, the few rain drops we received felt as though they turned into steam immediately after hitting our skin. Was great to catch up with my bestie between matches though. Mr J played his second game of baseball and already feels his improvement {the three nights of training last week paid off!}. Mr J and I attended a 30th party last night for a beautiful friend. Many people dressed up in all sorts of things starting with ‘R’ – such as, Rainbows, Reverend, Little Red Riding Hood, Referee and so much more. Great imaginations! We enjoyed the lolly bar and cake. Today I’m enjoying the beautiful sunshine away from home as I house sit. I pray that my grandparents are having a wonderful and relaxing holiday in Tasmania.

If you want to listen to some awesome music by some very talented people. No instruments, all voice. Go here! I’m so glad i discovered this music.


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