Orange Freshness


It’s predicted to get to 31 degrees today. I would say it is very close to that. Couldn’t find a better day to make homemade orange juice! Before my grandparents left for their holiday, they gave me a bag of South Australian oranges. My body wouldn’t cope with me eating that many oranges on my own, however drinking that many in juice is another story. I was surprised how much juice these fruit produce. I have a supply for a week or more! Not only do I have a lot, they are super tasty. No sugar needed, all natural and still sweet enough. Yum. Got to love your natural source of Vitamin C. Can’t wait to share it.

To make Orange Juice, all you need is a juicer {electric or not}, oranges and something to store the juice in.
Simply, squeeze the juice and pour into your juice storer and hey presto! Easy.


Last night I had some sibling bonding time with my brother. He picked me up from work, we went to the house watched movies, cooked dinner and talked. It was great. He left this afternoon after another movie, a trip to the shops and some lollies. Thanks brother!

Night shift tonight.


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