Muddled Days

This drink gives every reason to go back for seconds and thirds. Why? It’s simply delicious, and healthy!

Last night I got an hours sleep before working night shift. The relaxing night on the couch with Mr J and a movie helped me get through the night also. I got home in the early morning and headed to bed. Woke up five hours later for breakfast {which is lunch to everyone else} and now sitting in the warmth watching the clouds, waiting for the storm to come.

I’m not sure whether it is tiredness making me think, but Christmas is already on my mind. I have gift ideas, motivation for do it yourself projects, baking and contemplating starting a countdown. Christmas is my favourite time of year. What a great feeling it brings as we celebrate Jesus’ birth! Has anyone else starting thinking about it?

Less that eight hours before I start work again. Hanging out for the weekend {and pay day}!


One thought on “Muddled Days

  1. I remember dong shift work when I worked at the airport, how it messes with your body clock not to mention not being on the same clock as all my friends. Hang in there. Love ya

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