My Weekend

Last week I worked three night shifts and finished the week with ten hours of sandwich artist-ing on Friday. I was stuffed. Due to work I unfortunately missed out on a friends 30th Disney dress up party but got to smile at photos and enjoy costume shopping with Mr J and a friend. Mr J put on his Buzz Lightyear pants for the night.

Saturday I played tennis. We lost, but got a good handful of Vitamin D. The night was super! I spent it eating Thai with a friend, we talked so much that the waitress staff were kicking us out of the place. That didn’t stop us though… once we were outside we talked for another hour. Lots to catch up on! I finished the night with Mr J, talking about life over a Rekorderlig Cider {my favourite!}.

Sunday was beautiful. I didn’t rush out of bed. At 11am Mr J and I decided to cruise to Melbourne Street. He wanted breakfast, I wanted lunch. We found a lovely cafe that suited both our needs. We sat outside in the warm weather, people-watched, talked, noticed the Christmas decorations already hanging in the street and laughed about funny quotes. We detoured back to our car to enjoy the sun a little more and spent the afternoon watching a movie and chilling at a local baseball match. The day wasn’t over yet, we got to catch up with some awesome people – the boys watched the formula 1’s while the girls spent time on here, playing games and laughing at the night jokes. Great friend time.

I slept well.


I would love your feedback and comments!

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