Something New

I have a couple new things in my life.

A new job.
Apple/Cherry Packing
Sandwich artistry was not very convenient for me. Now I have a job five days a week, better pay, lovely colleagues and a 15 minute drive from home. This will help me financially until I find out my uni results.

A new goal.
100 days of exercise to lose my overseas weight. Preferably by Christmas.

A new bedroom.
With motivation to clean my room last night, an hour had passed and I had rearranged the furniture.

A new calendar.
I’ve slipped into modern technology and currently trialing my calendar on my phone and internet!

A new alarm time.
6:30am. To walk, eat breakfast and go earn money!

A new thought
Christmas is just around the corner!!



2 thoughts on “Something New

  1. Patrick Lindsay’s Be Happy
    Be happy…
    Check your bearings
    ‘ Often we can only see where we’re going when we look at where we’ve been.
    Take a long view.
    Be sure you’re on track and that you’re travelling with the right companions.
    Then resume your journey with confidence’.
    Remember that God’s been there, is there and will be there. XX

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