My Friday has been great!

Great way to start my weekend. Knocked off work five hours early {still leaving me with 32 hours of work this week}. Ate leftovers for lunch and was ready to enjoy some things I love…

Baked some Chocolate Cookies, using only the ingredients in the cupboard. Had to add some 100s & 1000s to make them look fun!

Painted my nails in these gorgeous colours!

Went for my second walk for the day in the beautiful sunshine! I encountered a koala along the way (that black spot on the left side).

I’m now going to freshen up, make a mini-picnic-like dinner and trek over to pick Mr J up from work. & then it’s dance time!

Happy Friday everyone!! I hope it’s been good for you too.





4 thoughts on “My Friday has been great!

  1. Happy Friday to you too, love what you have done and achieved today, smells of baking are not seen very often in this house, thanks. Working, walking and dancing, no wonder you are tired…then there was more. love x

  2. Friday for me was not very exciting. I planned to have coffee with a friend (but had failed to organise it with her and she was doing a PD day) so now planned for next week: BUT today was great – went to the Bower Bird Market at the Show Grounds. Well worth a visit when it’s next here!

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