Happy New Year!

Happy New Year

2012 has been a huge year. Thankyou to everyone for your support, encouragement and friendship.

Places travelled
Dunnedin, Florida
Orlando, Florida
New York
Vancouver, Canada
Whistler, Canada
Kamloops, Canada
Jasper, Canada
Banff, Canada
Vernon, Canada
San Fransisco

Changes in jobs
After almost two years as a receptionist at Christine Morris Real Estate I was made redundant due to the closure of business. I experienced work at Subway, On the Run for a couple of months before working in a fruit shed surrounded by apples and cherries

Years highlights
Completed Certificate 3 in business
Coached an under 15 netball team to a premiership
Was accepted into a Bachelor or Primary & Middle School teaching at uni SA
Made fresh orange juice
Climbed Mt Lofty Summit with Mr J
Picniced in the sun
Became a volunteer for Samaritans Purse (Operation Christmas Child)
Was a leader at SAYCO
Helped out at KCO
Played netball, mixed netball and tennis
Ziplined through Canada
Went water rafting in Canada
Visited Disney World and let our inner children come out
Loved every minute overseas with my best friend {and now fiancee!!!}
Witnessed a beautiful couple get married
Santa Fun Run
A surprise date
Became engaged to Mr J

Challenging but lessons and changing moments
Tore ligaments in my right ankle
Saying goodbye to Grandad Munyard
Mr J and I separated for a short time
Redundancy from my receptionist job
Job hunting
Night shift work

These events are only a few of my highlights. Wouldn’t change a thing!

God has given me lots of hurdles to get over this year but he has lifted me up when I’ve fallen down. I have also had a blast. Jumping with excitement to see what 2013 holds for us.


One thought on “Happy New Year!

  1. Romans 5:1b – We have peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ
    Anon: It’s your world. You’re a shareholder, take an active interest in it.

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