My name is Teagan Kahla. I like fresh air, eating chocolate, writing letters, drinking tea, spending time in the kitchen experimenting with food, giving gifts and sharing a laugh. I also ask God for his help and forgiveness every day. I cherish my friends and family and have especially realised in the past year how important they are to me. I must not forget my wonderful partner, Mr J.

‘Living Life Today’ began on Friday the 20th of April 2012. LLT was originally created so I could keep in touch with family and friends while Mr J and I trekked overseas in July/August. It now has become a place where I can share the quirky and sensible things I love, find, dream and do. All of your feedback and comments are welcome, in fact they are encouraged!

Live, Love, Smile & Praise

Teagan Kahla x

How to move around Living Life Today is simple. All my posts can be viewed on the Home page. If you wish to write a comment or like a particular post, please don’t hesitate! Just click on the title of the post you fancy and the options will be made available to you. I hope this experience is as enjoyable for you as it is for me.

Go HERE to see my inspiration for starting a blog
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Go HERE to find out a few extra facts about me
Go HERE to see the start of Mr J and my overseas adventure
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18 thoughts on “About

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    • Hi Rachel. Thankyou for checking out ‘Living Life Today’ – you were my first comment! After reading various blogs i have realised it is never to early or late to start your own.

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  3. So this is a blog, thanks for introducing me to something new and unknown, looking forward to finding out more of what a blog is all about. By the way you did live away from this little house for awhile, we moved in with your Grandparents when we had to build on more rooms while waiting for your baby brother to be born. Not surprised you might not remember, that was many years ago and he is not so much your “little” brother anymore. Much love x x

  4. I love this teags, will definately read up on this all the time, great idea :) plus I always pictured you doing something like this! Xx

      • You are awesome. Thanks……. We will enjoy reading your blog. We feel far away from all that happens and this is a great way to see what your up too. Looking forward to reading all the cool things that you do….. And Loz looks forward to reading your recipe’s. Love your style

  5. I am shedding tears of pride and happiness as I read what you are doing through this blog. I can assure you that you did spend some time in another house in Adealide.

    • Thanks Nan! I’m sure I enjoyed every moment with you while our renovations here. If you havent seen my post ‘Sunday At Typo’, please have a read – that is what I bought with your birthday money :) I hope you continue to enjoy Living Life Today.

  6. Love what you said about the ANZACs and what ANZAC Day means to you. It means a lot more to me now that I have researched how and when my Uncle died in New Guinea. When we were in Darwin recenlty we viewed a spine-tingling film on the bombing of Darwin – what a terrible waste of life. MM

  7. Amen. I really enjoyed listening and being reminded to run to grace not from it. And that we are Gods handiwork. So easy to forget that. To work for him to do good. Vic

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