Let’s get our craft on!

Lately I have not felt productive. This thing called work tends to drain all my juice out, however, today I wrote a list have started striking them out. Dot point number one *finish canvas’s. Check! I’m very much an amateur but that leaves room for ‘wow’ moments…

Project number one Project number one

If you ever invest in some canvas’s {try for bargain ones like mine} and you can make art too. All I used was paint, buttons and hot glue. Go for it!

Happy Friday everyone! What does your weekend have in store for you? Mine involves dance, tennis, Christmas baking, Mr J’s work dinner, and a family lunch! Super excited.


Rubberband Vases

I woke up very excited to have a day off from work in the beautiful sunshine today. I stayed in bed as long as I wished and devoured Mum’s homemade meatballs with Nana’s homemade chutney for brunch. Dressed in cosy clothing I drove down the street and spontaneously visited the local op shop. Success! It didn’t take long to walk out the store with three vases, two canvas‘, beads, a mirror and a jar that cost a total of $20. Bargain. I’m looking forward to my next craft projects. One has already been completed since then, my rubberband vases.

All you need:
*A vase or more
*Spray paint of your desired colour

All you need to do:
1. Lay out an area with newspaper to keep your surroundings spray painted free
2. Wrap as many rubberbands around your clean vases as you wish
3. Place the vases upside down on the newspaper
4. Spray the entire vase with your paint
5. Wait until the paint is dried and remove the rubberbands
6. Use the sand paper to smooth down any raised bits of paint
7. From here, you can decide whether you want to coat the vase with any other paints or polish {I’m still deciding this one!}

This afternoon I spent an hour at the local library where I spoke with a lovely gentleman. Our conversation started as I recognised his accent – he was from the states. He was in no rush to leave so we spoke in detail about the weather over there, it was great! Now I will go home to cook dinner and get ready for another day at work tomorrow.


Today I found a way that made five hours go faster than it has for a while. Using my leftover photos, tickets and collectibles from out trip, I scrap booked! Scrap booking is a great way to display photos and more. Hint: Use objects such as straw to stick on rather than just paper.. gives it another dimension. Now for my next project, {I still have photos to use up…}.

Thankyou Lord! For the glorious weather you have given us today.

Love via The Taste Buds

Being on a budget for America & Canada, I’m being very careful with where and how my money is spent. When I see ideas like this, I jump on them. Simple, easy, yummy and meaningful gifts!

Make someone smile through taste buds and love.
Give a gift of food along with a cute little note, such as the examples below…

* You are a BREATH of fresh air
*I MINT to tell you how much I appreciate you
* We were MINT for each other

NUTS/SNICKERS {or anything nutty}
*One of my favourite things about you, is that you are NUTS
* I’m go NUTS without you

* I love you BEARY much
* You are BEARY cool

EXTRA {chewing gum}
* Thanks for going that EXTRA mile
* In STICKY situations, don’t forget I’m always here for you & so is God

* I like SMARTIES like you
* You are one big SMARTY

* You are the brightest star in the MILKY WAY
* You are out of this world
* Your smile is brighter than the MILKY WAY

Put a smile on someone’s dile & satisfy their sweet tooth. It’s easy.
I gave Mr J some goodies for this reason

Lettering Love

Many things can create happiness… a letter is one of them.

Dear Letter,

Seeing you lying in my mail box brightens my day. You are funny, considerate, informative, kind and make me smile. Secretley, your are my favourite… between you and me, those window-faced letters {aka bills} don’t sit right with me.  Thankyou for sharing the love amongst my friends and I. You can come over anytime!

Yours Sincerley,
Teagan Kahla

If you enjoy receiving personal mail, there’s a high chance others are in the same boat. Phone and electricity companys find it so easy to send window-faced letters to our mail boxes therefore it shouldn’t be any harder for us! 

Why: It’s a great way to keep in touch {the old fashioned way} and share the love.
What: Anything! 3 words. 5 pages. Photo. Charm. Drawing. Joke. Quote.
Where: Letters don’t need to travel via snail mail, why not leave a note on the kitchen bench for your partner or on the toilet seat?

It’s ALL up to you.

Make someone smile. Today.

I Love You THIS Much

Have you seen the This Much Card on Pinterest? I made one for Mr J for valentine’s day 2012 and between you and me, it was easy-peesy and within anyone’s budget. You don’t need an excuse to make one of these, why not surprise your best friend with one today?
All you need:
Paper of your choice
Alphabet stickers (optional)

All you need to do:
1. Trace your hands onto your chosen paper
2. Cut out your hands along with one long strip of paper approx 3cm wide
3. Fold the strip of paper in accordion style.
4. Stick your stickers (or write with textas) ‘I Love You…’ on the front of your first hand, then stick or write whatever you wish {the original card wrote ‘… this much!’, where as I wrote ‘…this much & so much more!’) on the accordion strip.
5. Glue the accordion strip to the inside of your hands
6. & now go and make someone’s day! :)