Living is fun!


Last night I was thankful to share the evening with my two best friends, Mr J and Loz. We sang carols by glowstick, played cards and watched The Vicar of Dibley. These two people make me laugh more than I think is possible.  


It felt like we rose when the sun did this morning, but we did it for fun! We attended a Car Boot Sale in our local town. Something I definitely want to do again {& have added The Worlds Biggest Car Boot Sale to my bucket list}, it inspires me to spring clean in every season! My only problem was resisting buying the old classy photo frames and jars available.


This afternoon, Loz and I re-visited our highschool to watch a great friend in her ballet concert, Choreography 2012. Wow, I admired every single dancer. I’m also super proud to say that I have a friend with so much talent, beautifull-ness, elegance and was a choreographer of one of the items, The Portrait. Amazement.

Bring on  another week of earning money! Happy Sunday night everyone.



Today I found a way that made five hours go faster than it has for a while. Using my leftover photos, tickets and collectibles from out trip, I scrap booked! Scrap booking is a great way to display photos and more. Hint: Use objects such as straw to stick on rather than just paper.. gives it another dimension. Now for my next project, {I still have photos to use up…}.

Thankyou Lord! For the glorious weather you have given us today.