Some excitement within my week… PLAY BALL!

This week has been full of work, however other exciting things have been happening! I experienced two baseball games in one week!

Number one was where we cheered Adelaide Bite on at Norwood Oval. We clapped to the interval songs, cheered, brought out some of our dance moves, laughed a lot, experienced five minutes in a limo and enjoyed the time spent with friends and not to mention the baseball too! This game prepared me for game number two {I was understanding the rules much better by now}. Game number two starred Mr J! The first game I had seen him play and he amazed me. Not being biased or anything but he was best of the field. Two hours felt like five minutes. Go the Dodgers!

What Dad left behind

Also, the weather has been stinking today! Hot! The brother decided to use the hose to wet everyone, unexpectedly. By this photo, I think Dad got a little wet.


A Little Bit of Everything

Dance lessons were so much fun. We laughed lots and Mr J surprised me with his enthusiasm. It was great – Looking forward to the next 5 lessons we have in the future. Tennis yesterday was hot, the few rain drops we received felt as though they turned into steam immediately after hitting our skin. Was great to catch up with my bestie between matches though. Mr J played his second game of baseball and already feels his improvement {the three nights of training last week paid off!}. Mr J and I attended a 30th party last night for a beautiful friend. Many people dressed up in all sorts of things starting with ‘R’ – such as, Rainbows, Reverend, Little Red Riding Hood, Referee and so much more. Great imaginations! We enjoyed the lolly bar and cake. Today I’m enjoying the beautiful sunshine away from home as I house sit. I pray that my grandparents are having a wonderful and relaxing holiday in Tasmania.

If you want to listen to some awesome music by some very talented people. No instruments, all voice. Go here! I’m so glad i discovered this music.

Play Ball

Mr J and I caught this and the subway to here for some baseball today. Mr J said he has never used his voice at a sporting match as much as he did today. For those who know Mr J, that’s amazing. He loved it and so did I. The atmosphere was exciting and fun. The game was worth the money. Go Giants! We cheered and watched for over three hours but it felt like so much less. Excellent! We caught the same transport home but in reverse as earlier.

Tonight we have enjoyed the heated pool, organised our last shuttle to an airport in the states and packed our gear ready to leave. As we lay in our hotel, Mr J and I are amazed how fast the past 6 weeks have gone. Tomorrow we start our many hours of flying. We are sad our holiday is coming to an end but very excited to share the stories and photos with family and friends.

Mr J and I didn’t have time to see the Golden Gate Bridge other than this day but we did find out some cool facts…

  • The total length of the wire used in main cables is enough to wrap around the earth 3 times (129,000 kms)!
  • They used 297,475 cubic metres of concrete to build the bridge
  • The bridge weighs 811,500,000 kg
  • It took 1,605 days to build the bridge
  • See the photo of me with a cable for more facts!

I’ll talk to you when I’m in another timezone, bye for now.