The Surprise Date

I Love You Everyday Mr J!

Yesterday, the 2nd of December, Mr J and I celebrated three years together.

For two weeks I had been looking forward to our anniversary eve. Mr J had informed me he was taking me to a surprise destination, I was to wear formal and be ready by 7:30pm. At that time, Mr J drove in the driveway in his new outfit and looking very swish. I was trusted to close my eyes from the bottom of the freeway for the final ten minute drive. I tried to guess where we were heading but with my directional skills, no luck! The car was parked and I opened my eyes to this incredible and impressive restaurant. Wow! We were seated at a window seat where we had a prime view of Adelaide’s lights, & the best seat for some fireworks in the distance and plane landings. The food was incredible and the experience was even better. Mr J and I shared so many laughs and conversation. I was spoilt.

Our Adelaide Vire

Our Menu
Organic Sourdough Bread
Spencer Gulf king Prawn Tail on a barramundi and pecorino crepe
palette cleanser
mandarin and watermelon sorbet
Flinders Ranges’ Orrorroo Kangaroo Saddle
Chocolate Melange for Two
(including Mocha Panna Cotta, White Chocolate Cheesecake, Hazlenut chocolate pallet, Chocolate Mousse Cornetto, White Chocolate and Butterscotch Creme Brulee and a Glace Cherry and Chocolate Parfait)

I was super impressed. This man is a keeper.

I can’t thank God enough for blessing me with a man who I can call my true love, partner in crime, best friend, support, inspiration and personal comedian. We have shared so many amazing and difficult times together which have got us to where we are now and I wouldn’t change a thing! Mr J, thank you for being you and wanting to get to know me back in 2009.Happy Anniversary Mr J!



Favourites in cooking

Today I cooked this, which turned out extremely yummy for a wintry, cold day. I recommend this recipe if you haven’t tried it!

I didn’t want to stop there… I made cookies with Favourites. Choc chip cookies with a twist. As I didn’t have any choc chips, I exchanged them with some chopped Favourites {including, dairy milk bubbly, cherry ripe, cadbury milk chocolate,  and boost} plus hersheys (from America!). Smelling delish, I tasted a fresh, warm cookie and found it melted in my mouth. I had bursts of cherry, caramel and chocolate pieces throughout the entire experience. Cookies taken to another level! My weekend has started well.

Cupcakes vs Muffins

What’s the difference between cupcakes and muffins?
This topic was first raised between Mr J and I after many hours of flying, which encouraged me to do some research.

Cupcakes commonly are decorated with icing whereas muffins are not. Cupcakes are small while muffins can be quite big. Cupcakes tend to be sweeter than a muffin. Muffins are known to contain fruit which is not as common in cupcakes.

Both are yummy!


Brilliant Baking Bonding

I had a wonderful day today.

While the sun hid behind the clouds and the rain came down, I enjoyed the warmth of my home. Not having to rush out of bed at any particular time I snuggled under my covers looking forward to a relaxing day.

This afternoon I had the wonderful company of my best friend. With chocolate, condensed milk, butter, sprinkles, cream and other yummy flavours laid out on the kitchen bench, we began baking. We caught up and laughed over some productive cooking. Together we baked 2 birthday cakes, 1 lemon slice and some melting moment biscuits. All looking fabulous!

With two birthday parties this weekend {one being for this reason & the other for my bro}, this needed to be done and time flew. I love being able to spend time with a girl I call my sister, best friend and inspiration. We are ourselves around each other {I’m sure we all have someone like that in our life!}.

The cakes we made were easy, it’s all about the decoration. Use a basic chocolate cake recipe and go from there! Fingers crossed they taste as good as they look.

Happy Friday!! I hope your weekends are fabulously full of fun!

Chocolate Mug Cake

The weekend is here!
My relaxing friday night has consisted of chilli con carne, chocolate mug cake, laughs and great company.

The chocolate mug cake Mr J and I made tonight was too good not to share with you all.
If you ever need to beat a chocolate craving, make a quick dessert or impress a friend give this a go.

{Chocolate Mug Cake}
Serves 2

4 tablespoons flour
4 tablespoons sugar
2 tablespoons cocoa
1 egg
3 tablespoons milk
2 tablespoons oil
3 tablespoons chocolate chips (optional)
a small splash of vanilla extract

1.Add half of the dry ingredients into each large coffee mug and mix.
2. Mix in the egg. Then pour in the milk and oil. Stir well.
3. Combine the chocolate chips (if using) and vanilla extract with the rest of the ingredients. Make sure you mix in all the ingredients especially any that could be at the bottom.
4. Put your mug in the microwave and cook for 3 minutes on high. WARNING: The cake may rise over the top of the mug, so put a paper towel or plate underneath!
5. We served ours warm with ice-cream

Orinigal recipe from here

Now that my tummy is content, I’m going to continue enjoying my Friday night with Mr J, in front of Shrek 2.

Public Holiday Plus {incl Homemade Cold Rock!}

Today, the 25th April 2012 we had a day off work and school for this reason. As much has this day had so much meaning for obvious reasons, it was also a great way to spend time with my loved ones.

At 12.30pm Dad, my brother &  girlfriend and Mr J set off to Hahndorf, South Australia for lunch. Once we hit the main street – cars EVERYWHERE! A real tourist town. We did a mainy twice, tried to park but was confronted by a standing only zone and sat in cues for minutes until we reached the Hahndorf Pizza House car park. We dined in and polished off 3 pizzas, garlic bread and chips {yes, we are machines!}

The pizzas were scrummy and I recommend!

Dessert: Homemade coldrock!!
Venue: Home
Ingredients: m&m mix up, oreo biscuits, gummi bears, chocolate topping, vanilla ice-cream
Method: Mix anything and everything together and enjoy!

Not only do I love food, I love my family!