Living is fun!


Last night I was thankful to share the evening with my two best friends, Mr J and Loz. We sang carols by glowstick, played cards and watched The Vicar of Dibley. These two people make me laugh more than I think is possible.  


It felt like we rose when the sun did this morning, but we did it for fun! We attended a Car Boot Sale in our local town. Something I definitely want to do again {& have added The Worlds Biggest Car Boot Sale to my bucket list}, it inspires me to spring clean in every season! My only problem was resisting buying the old classy photo frames and jars available.


This afternoon, Loz and I re-visited our highschool to watch a great friend in her ballet concert, Choreography 2012. Wow, I admired every single dancer. I’m also super proud to say that I have a friend with so much talent, beautifull-ness, elegance and was a choreographer of one of the items, The Portrait. Amazement.

Bring on  another week of earning money! Happy Sunday night everyone.


Santa Fun Run

As mentioned here, my bestie is in town. This morning we joined over a thousand others in the Santa Fun Run. We woke up at six o’clock am to get a perfect park, put our red suits on and prepare for our four kilometer walk. Knowing that we were exercising for a cause motivated us even more. We ate some free fruchocs for energy, listened to some live entertainment, enjoyed the beautiful scenery of the River Torrens and were ready to begin at 9:30am.

We reached the finished line by 10:30am. Minutes after Lauren spotted Brenton Sanderson who was kind enough to be apart of photo.

We relaxed our legs at a beautiful cafe in North Adelaide afterwards. My freshly squeezed orange juice and chicken salad was very refreshing.

I’m so thankful for such a fun and amazing friend. What a great day!

A Moving Day


This morning Mr J and I caught our tour bus to the 9/11 memorial. This was an eye opening experience as we read the details and timelines of the event. We saw letters and dedications to the people that were lost and we stood where the twin towers stood. Mr J and I bought a jumper each, where all proceeds went to the 9/11 memorial. We walked though St Pauls Chapel. This was a place that served as a relief mission for recovery workers at Ground Zero. It was a beautiful chapel with amazing and touching displays inside {see photo above}. We caught a bus back to Times Square for lunch and spent a couple hours chilling out in our hotel room before hitting the sites again. We couldn’t go too far tonight as it starting raining in New York City but we did manage to go to Madame Tussaunds and have encounters with many famous people. Mr J was especially excited to have a photo with Yao Ming, Charlie Chaplin and Samuel L Jackson plus other sporting stars. I enjoyed the presence of Julia Roberts, Leonardo DiCaprio, Whoopie Goldberg, Spice Girls, Carrie Underwood plus more. After time with the famous we went for some ten pin bowling just down the street. It was fun. These two things were free with the New York Pass we purchased a while ago. The rain doesn’t stop anyone in NYC.

My June Long Weekend

It felt like holidays until I had to wake up to my alarm this morning and go to work. What a wonderful weekend it was.

Friday Night
*Dinner with Dad which consisted of pork roast and TWO desserts {sticky date pudding + berry crumble}!!

*Breakfast at The Store . Lovely morning with special friends and great food.





*Travel card for America purchased ~We can only hope that the dollar improves in the next couple weeks.
*Bought a dress to wear to the wedding in Florida & shopped a little more










*Home cooked meal by Mr J, followed by dessert in front of  The Illusionist

*Picked up Mr J’s grandma and attended her church. Nana M then treated us to lunch with her fellow church goers.
*Walked Marion Shopping centre – bought one funky note book from Typo, only $3!
*Dinner with Mr J’s parents
*Chocolate brownies and America talk with Mr J’s relatives {former American residents} – we now know the best shopping spots within Tampa, Florida!
*Home time and a wonderful unplanned 2 hour talk with Dad

*Cleaning, cleaning, cleaning – the house is spotless and feels great!
*Roast dinner with my family

I relaxed, laughed, went with the flow and enjoyed every minute. I hope you all had a wonderful weekend too.

Happy Tuesday {which feels like a Monday}!!

Favourites {Movies}

I had a lovely Friday night with a friend who has been my rock for the past 14 years of my life. We enjoyed homemade chicken noodle soup {delish!}, talked and shared chamomile and spearmint tea in front of ‘Prime’ and McLeods Daughters. The heater was great company too!

Some of my favourite movies at the moment {at no particular order} are:
*Into the Blue *The Tourist *Prime *Love and other Drugs *The Prestige *P.S I Love You *Crazy Stupid Love *Finding Nemo *Cars 1 & 2 *Coyote Ugly *Step Up 1 & 2 *Devil Wears Prada. (Go here for your favourite movie facts)

What movies would you recommend?

It now 12.14pm on Sunday. I’m in my comfies {clothing} and due to the time I should be eating lunch I’m only up to breakfast. Bacon, eggs and pancakes made by Mr J.

Hasta la proxima {Until next time in Spanish}