Happy Christmas

Christmas has been. Boxing Day is here. What a great season this is.

Christmas to me > Jesus’s Birthday. Retelling of the birth of Jesus. Celebration. Family. Friends. Love. Church. Food. More Food. Leftover Food. Laughs. Happiness. Giving. Gratefulness. Shopping. Craft. Food.

What a great Christmas this was. I hope that all my family who are interstate had a very blessed Christmas and I thank everyone for their company, laughs, gifts and happiness we shared over the last couple days. I may have put on five kilos, but it was worth it!

Happy Birthday Jesus! 

“Today is the town of David a Saviour has been born to you; He is the Messiah the Lord.” – Luke 2:11

What did your Christmas look like?


Living is fun!


Last night I was thankful to share the evening with my two best friends, Mr J and Loz. We sang carols by glowstick, played cards and watched The Vicar of Dibley. These two people make me laugh more than I think is possible.  


It felt like we rose when the sun did this morning, but we did it for fun! We attended a Car Boot Sale in our local town. Something I definitely want to do again {& have added The Worlds Biggest Car Boot Sale to my bucket list}, it inspires me to spring clean in every season! My only problem was resisting buying the old classy photo frames and jars available.


This afternoon, Loz and I re-visited our highschool to watch a great friend in her ballet concert, Choreography 2012. Wow, I admired every single dancer. I’m also super proud to say that I have a friend with so much talent, beautifull-ness, elegance and was a choreographer of one of the items, The Portrait. Amazement.

Bring on  another week of earning money! Happy Sunday night everyone.

Two Are Better Than One

I read this verse today. ‘Two are better than one, because they have a good reward for their toil. For if they fall, one will lift up the other; but woe to one who is alone and falls and does not have another to help.’ Ecclesiastes 4:9-10. It made me feel amazingly grateful for the relationships I have in my life. Thank you Lord for giving me people to laugh with, give advice, hug without hesitation and help in times of need.

I also think pastel purple and pastel green have a good relationship. In this summer-like weather they compliment each other like schnitzel and gravy.

My Past Couple Weeks

Wow, I can’t believe I have not caught up with you all for two weeks. My apologies! Life has been hectic…

Working as an apple packer isn’t that bad. It’s physically challenging and quite draining. However, I have felt very welcome and shared many laughs with the ladies. It a very convenient drive and I get FREE apples {always a bonus!}.

Dance lessons with Mr J have been fun. We have learnt the rumba, cha cha, tango and a progressive jive.

Adelaide witnessed part of the eclipse that was happening around our country. Dad brought out his welding mask to view this amazing event. He slightly resembled Ned Kelly.

Netball and tennis are providing a regular social life and exercise for me. I love the people who I see weekly at mixed netball, summer netball and tennis.

Mr J and I have made the most of our quality time together. Last Sunday we drove to Harbour town, followed by Glenelg. Here we shared a pizza, ate two yummy desserts and talked in front of the sunset. Lovely!

I’m super excited to have my bestie on uni holidays, meaning she is back to being a local for the next three months. We have already had a yummy dinner date, organising car pulls and participated in this this morning. I’ve missed her!

Mr J has got new glasses! They are very funky.

The other Tuesday I met with some lovely people to start organising this. Excitement has arrived and motivation is at a high!

Adelaide is starting to prepare us for summer. The weather has been above thirty degrees numerous times. We have been able to enjoy our late barbeques and salads, wear dresses and shorts, go to the beach, watch cricket and have 10pm swims.

Oh, and did I mention… I got into uni!! After expecting to find out early next year, I received a letter a number of Fridays ago informing me I will be studying Primary & Middle School Teaching. I’m a tad excited.

Until next time, keep sending those smiles around.

My Weekend

Last week I worked three night shifts and finished the week with ten hours of sandwich artist-ing on Friday. I was stuffed. Due to work I unfortunately missed out on a friends 30th Disney dress up party but got to smile at photos and enjoy costume shopping with Mr J and a friend. Mr J put on his Buzz Lightyear pants for the night.

Saturday I played tennis. We lost, but got a good handful of Vitamin D. The night was super! I spent it eating Thai with a friend, we talked so much that the waitress staff were kicking us out of the place. That didn’t stop us though… once we were outside we talked for another hour. Lots to catch up on! I finished the night with Mr J, talking about life over a Rekorderlig Cider {my favourite!}.

Sunday was beautiful. I didn’t rush out of bed. At 11am Mr J and I decided to cruise to Melbourne Street. He wanted breakfast, I wanted lunch. We found a lovely cafe that suited both our needs. We sat outside in the warm weather, people-watched, talked, noticed the Christmas decorations already hanging in the street and laughed about funny quotes. We detoured back to our car to enjoy the sun a little more and spent the afternoon watching a movie and chilling at a local baseball match. The day wasn’t over yet, we got to catch up with some awesome people – the boys watched the formula 1’s while the girls spent time on here, playing games and laughing at the night jokes. Great friend time.

I slept well.

A Catch Up

Time has flown, preventing me to get on any computer lately. Now I have some time in the Adelaide Library to relax in some quiet and fill you in on what I have been up to lately…

Yesterday {Thursday}, I found a new shop to add to my favourites. This shop has so many gorgeous things… it is these shops that excite me to have my own house and start to decorate! A few things have jumped onto by Christmas/birthday list from here. Friday wasn’t heaps exciting until late. I worked a five-hour shift before catching the bus home to pick up the keys for my week of house sitting. Then, Mum, Dad, my brother and I had a night out together. We were greeted by a humourous, fun waiter before enjoying Fasta Pasta for dinner. After a feast, together we experienced the atmosphere of the Adelaide Casino. Something different. I spent for designated $4 but found spectating more interesting. Saturday I drove to work, worked my shift and drove home with my window down, music on loud and some time to myself. The evening consisted of my netball presentation, hosted by two entertaining gentleman. The evening was set as a sporting program, “After the Game” where we watched grand final interviews, laughed at game faces and listened to live interviews. I was unaware I would be an interviewee until they announced my name. One of the questions that I was faced with was, “what is your favourite motor car?” to which I answered, “red ones.” {I wasn’t going to tell them that I only worked out Ford and Holden’s were different brands only a few years ago!}. The night ended with some laughs and a talk with Dad and Mr J. Sunday, I worked again but was very strict on finishing on time as I had to drive back home for an afternoon junior netball presentation. This was a time us coaches could boast about our team. I was extremely thankful to receive a massage/spa voucher from my girls along with beautiful flowers, chocolate and nuts. We were faced with many homemade, delicious food. It was a great afternoon. I was able to sit and talk to mum and dad that afternoon for a while before heading to Church and dinner. Monday {yesterday} I worked another lunch time shift, caught the bus and slept with Scooter the cat at the house i’m caring for.

It feels as though I haven’t stopped until now. It is now Tuesday. I was up at 6:00am this morning trying to revise for the STAT test which I sat this morning. It went for two hours. I answered all my questions, plus guessed a few and left the room praying that God will make everything sort out how he wants it too. This afternoon I have a bus waiting to take me home, and then I plan to do nothing other than relax tonight.


Today it’s R U OK? DAY.  R U OK? Day is a national day that falls on the second Thursday of September (13 September 2012). It’s dedicated to inspiring all people of all backgrounds to regularly ask each other ‘Are you ok?’ Please take some time to go to the website, watch the video and read a little about the purpose of this day. It’s a great cause where you could change a life. Change your ways for everyday.

How’s your life going at the moment? Are you ok?

Some New Starts

The last couple of days have felt busy. I’ve moved around more than I have for a while. I had my first official shift as a sandwich artist on Tuesday, which was followed by another one on Wednesday. Thursday I have off. I’m thankful to be getting an income again but may take a while to settle in. Catching the bus has been a great experience and has given me time for reflection, prayer and reading. I almost feel as though I’m a pro bus catcher already!

Wednesday evening I trekked to my second Uni open day. After a tour, free sausage sizzle and chocolate I sat through three information sessions regarding teaching. Teaching early childhood, primary and middle. Decisions, decisions, decisions! This gave me more of an insight of my options, resulting with me changing my uni preferences. Still praying for direction but not stressing.

Today I have some freedom to catch up with a friend for lunch. We are going here. This afternoon I’m looking forward to talking to my co-coach and friend about speeches for our wind up and then Mr J and I drive to mixed netball late tonight.

Successful and Socialble Weekend

This weekend a friend and I coached the winning team of the Under 15 division 3 netball grand final. Intense. Minutes to go in the last quarter it was goal for goal, fortunately we were ahead by two when the final whistle blew. No voice left but the biggest smile on my face. Our girls fought until the end and are ready to celebrate at presentations next weekend. Mr J shouted Dad and I dinner that night where I demolished a gourmet pizza. We then ended the night playing board games and eating show bag goodies which my brother brought home from here.

Today {Sunday} began with a great church service, followed by lunch and the afternoon with Mr J’s family and close friends and ended with dinner and dessert at home, with my parents and brother. Once again, the weekend has flown, I’ve eaten way to much food but had a great time.

What did you get up to this weekend?

Inspire #3

Are you ever worrying about tomorrow? I think we all do sometimes! Instead, let’s try and do something that will make your next day better. Something that may help you achieve something faster, help you stress less, or think and plan something fun.

Everyday do something that will inch you closer to a better tomorrow. ~ Doug Firebaugh

To be happy is a choice we make

Go here and here for more inpiring quotes. 3 more days of quotes to come! Stay with us.

God has given us beautiful sunshine today. I actually got hot in a jumper!! {That’s not normal}.  A friend and I got out netball team into the Grand Final this morning and I’m looking forward to getting together with some fun people to talk and plan parts of this. Tomorrow holds some exciting events too. What are your plans for the weekend?