Happy Christmas

Christmas has been. Boxing Day is here. What a great season this is.

Christmas to me > Jesus’s Birthday. Retelling of the birth of Jesus. Celebration. Family. Friends. Love. Church. Food. More Food. Leftover Food. Laughs. Happiness. Giving. Gratefulness. Shopping. Craft. Food.

What a great Christmas this was. I hope that all my family who are interstate had a very blessed Christmas and I thank everyone for their company, laughs, gifts and happiness we shared over the last couple days. I may have put on five kilos, but it was worth it!

Happy Birthday Jesus! 

“Today is the town of David a Saviour has been born to you; He is the Messiah the Lord.” – Luke 2:11

What did your Christmas look like?


Living is fun!


Last night I was thankful to share the evening with my two best friends, Mr J and Loz. We sang carols by glowstick, played cards and watched The Vicar of Dibley. These two people make me laugh more than I think is possible.  


It felt like we rose when the sun did this morning, but we did it for fun! We attended a Car Boot Sale in our local town. Something I definitely want to do again {& have added The Worlds Biggest Car Boot Sale to my bucket list}, it inspires me to spring clean in every season! My only problem was resisting buying the old classy photo frames and jars available.


This afternoon, Loz and I re-visited our highschool to watch a great friend in her ballet concert, Choreography 2012. Wow, I admired every single dancer. I’m also super proud to say that I have a friend with so much talent, beautifull-ness, elegance and was a choreographer of one of the items, The Portrait. Amazement.

Bring on  another week of earning money! Happy Sunday night everyone.

Life Today

Dear air conditioner, thankyou for cooling my car after I let it sit in 32 degree heat for three hours. Dear pay-day, you have helped me buy Christmas presents, fuel my car and buy some of these as a treat. You don’t come around fast enough. Dear Monday, sometimes the best way to start you is with some sweetness at breakfast. You were delicious! Dear Jason Mraz, Mr J and I have found a new love for your song ‘I won’t give up‘. It is amazingly relevant for our life together. Dear Mr J, you make me blush when you dress in your nice shirt, are neatly groomed and smell of goodness. Thankyou for making an effort to impress me. Dear Christmas, it is only 29 days until you visit. My excitement levels are growing.. can’t wait to party for Jesus!

Happy Monday everybody. Only four more days until the weekend!

Rubberband Vases

I woke up very excited to have a day off from work in the beautiful sunshine today. I stayed in bed as long as I wished and devoured Mum’s homemade meatballs with Nana’s homemade chutney for brunch. Dressed in cosy clothing I drove down the street and spontaneously visited the local op shop. Success! It didn’t take long to walk out the store with three vases, two canvas‘, beads, a mirror and a jar that cost a total of $20. Bargain. I’m looking forward to my next craft projects. One has already been completed since then, my rubberband vases.

All you need:
*A vase or more
*Spray paint of your desired colour

All you need to do:
1. Lay out an area with newspaper to keep your surroundings spray painted free
2. Wrap as many rubberbands around your clean vases as you wish
3. Place the vases upside down on the newspaper
4. Spray the entire vase with your paint
5. Wait until the paint is dried and remove the rubberbands
6. Use the sand paper to smooth down any raised bits of paint
7. From here, you can decide whether you want to coat the vase with any other paints or polish {I’m still deciding this one!}

This afternoon I spent an hour at the local library where I spoke with a lovely gentleman. Our conversation started as I recognised his accent – he was from the states. He was in no rush to leave so we spoke in detail about the weather over there, it was great! Now I will go home to cook dinner and get ready for another day at work tomorrow.

SAYCO 2012

SAYCO was creeping up fast. My shopping was successful as I completed my costume. My nails were painted and the countdown began! The day before camp, Mr J and I shopped for eight hours straight. We bought swimming pools, hair colour, super size baked beans and spaghetti, lollies, 50 cans of shaving cream and a similar amount of detergent, hundreds of water balloons and clothes to get messy. That was only the start.

Wow. What a super dooper, high energy, God praising, jumpalicious, boundary testing camp. I laughed more than I have for a long time. FUN {is only one of the thousand words that would describe it}. We met new friends and got closer to current ones, danced, moshed, sang and praised God, fought with shaving cream, flour and water, obstacle coursed with spaghetti and baked beans, listened to some moving messages, received grand final updates, got minimal sleep, chased a lolly man, exercised with bible aerobics, jumped into a photo booth, learnt about our true identities… all for our amazing, perfect father and best friend > GOD.

It has been two days since we departed the camp and I am still recovering. I am having slight SAYCO withdrawals and miss everyone like crazy but already looking ahead to next year. I’m finding glitter everywhere.

Shopping Exercises

I didn’t have time to walk today as I had a commitment in the city. However, I did get some exercise walking from shop to shop in Rundle Mall and Rundle Street. I found this store and this store which I could easily become a regular too. I got caught in the rain which meant I needed to spend a little extra time here. I’m not complaining! A few clothe purchases later I realised it was past my parking time expiry therefore I ran back to my car. I was relieved to see a clean windscreen once I got there – Thank you Lord!

It’s amazing to think that this time last week, Mr J and I were spending our first night back in Australia. I hope you have an exciting rest of the week.

Travelling every direction

Mr J and i got a semi-sleep in this morning before eating a yummy chicken, tomato, cheese, lettuce crepe for brunch. We got to try some of these popular candies as we walked to find the line for the cable car. Mr J and I caught a ride on our very first cable car to Union Square where the shopping was at. The conductors make sure there is no room to move on these cars and they are also quite slow but definitely worth the experience. I managed to find some outlet stores within Union Square and spent a couple hours browsing through shops. Mr J secretly enjoyed this too. We caught another cable car to a very popular street in San Fran. Lombard Street. Amazing! Who ever knew that you could drive down a street so windy and steep? & who was the one who designed this? After taking photos, walking down and up and witnessing many tourists filming themselves as they drove down the street we caught another cable car back to Fisherman’s Wharf to dress in warmer clothes and grab some dinner. I then fell asleep to this.

Stunning San Fracisco

Bargain! This morning Mr J and I saved at least $40 by catching the local train to the airport rather than a taxi. It was easy, an experience and only $3.75 each! Our flight to San Francisco was our fastest yet as Mr J and I slept the entire way and woke up for 15 minutes of the descent – good way to do it. From the airport we caught a shuttle to our hotel, which we have done previously and witnessed the beautiful San Fran weather. After settling in, testing our sleep number and watching some Olympics Mr J grabbed a burger from the very retro Johnny Rockets {It reminded me of the cafe in Greece}. We explored the outdoor entertaining and swimming pool within our hotel before we strolled down Fisherman’s Wharf and Pier 39. Our hotel sits on Fisherman’s Wharf which is extremely convenient. Mr J and I window shopped past many chocolate and candy stores, sports stores, souvenir stores, a lefty {left-handed} store, cheap sun glasses stores and investigated what bakeries, restaurants and cafes were close by. So far, San Francisco gives off a relaxing, calm and beautiful atmosphere with so much to see. We had a view of the Alcatraz {which we are touring tomorrow!!} and the Golden Gate Bridge from a distance. Near Pier 39, many sea lions gather to sun bake – it was amazing to watch.

After all this walking, talking and exploring Mr J and I had built up an appetite. We decided to try the famous Clam Chowder served in a sourdough roll for dinner. It was big therefore plenty to share one between two. Yummy. We continued walking for a while before going back to our hotel.

Chill time. We are looking forward to some time to relax and take our time in a place where the weather is beautiful during the day and allows us to have a comfortable sleep overnight. The last stint.

Riding Banff

4th August 2012
We got to sleep in until 9:00am this morning. We had a ‘home-made’ hot breakfast with A&S, plus another couple who visited. That gave us enough energy to ride another Gondola, here in Banff. More amazing views. The rest of the day was ours – we experienced the shopping and ice-cream of Banff. A $2 bus ride took us back to our chalet and we prepared ourselves for a riding experience. Tonight we went on a 45 minute horse ride into the forest for a steak fry, horse shoe throw and lasoo before we road our horses back to the stud. I rode ‘Shorty’, Mr J had ‘Rayleigh’. We walked most of it but occasionally had to trot and gallop, which made your heart race a little faster than normal. We had a well needed, quiet night tonight – ready to move onwards tomorrow. 7 days of Contiki down, its moving along fast, we love it. Contiki is a great way to see areas of the world without the stress of organising it yourself. Transport, accommodation and many meals are already sorted! Thankyou contiki.

Wildlife, Water and Rest

2nd August 2012
We were straight into it today. We traveled on our bus once again, stopping to see our first Elk on the side of the road. Maligne Lake welcomed us with sourvenir shops, a café, wonderful views, fresh air and walking tracks. These were the things that Mr J and I enjoyed while others enjoyed an optional cruise on the lake. The lake was beautiful and calm. Maligne Canyon came next which was where we had a glimpse of our first black bear {we only managed to get a photo of the back end of it}.This afternoon was relaxing, we were able to do anything at our own pace. Mr J and I explored the cute little shops, grabbed ice-cream from coldstone creamery and watched the hailstones fall from the sky. We also had some time to sit and talk with some family on skype before we heading out for a pizza tea. We talked to some new people. We left the pizza bar for a catch up with A&S before we had an early-ish night for a big day tomorrow.