Some excitement within my week… PLAY BALL!

This week has been full of work, however other exciting things have been happening! I experienced two baseball games in one week!

Number one was where we cheered Adelaide Bite on at Norwood Oval. We clapped to the interval songs, cheered, brought out some of our dance moves, laughed a lot, experienced five minutes in a limo and enjoyed the time spent with friends and not to mention the baseball too! This game prepared me for game number two {I was understanding the rules much better by now}. Game number two starred Mr J! The first game I had seen him play and he amazed me. Not being biased or anything but he was best of the field. Two hours felt like five minutes. Go the Dodgers!

What Dad left behind

Also, the weather has been stinking today! Hot! The brother decided to use the hose to wet everyone, unexpectedly. By this photo, I think Dad got a little wet.


My Past Couple Weeks

Wow, I can’t believe I have not caught up with you all for two weeks. My apologies! Life has been hectic…

Working as an apple packer isn’t that bad. It’s physically challenging and quite draining. However, I have felt very welcome and shared many laughs with the ladies. It a very convenient drive and I get FREE apples {always a bonus!}.

Dance lessons with Mr J have been fun. We have learnt the rumba, cha cha, tango and a progressive jive.

Adelaide witnessed part of the eclipse that was happening around our country. Dad brought out his welding mask to view this amazing event. He slightly resembled Ned Kelly.

Netball and tennis are providing a regular social life and exercise for me. I love the people who I see weekly at mixed netball, summer netball and tennis.

Mr J and I have made the most of our quality time together. Last Sunday we drove to Harbour town, followed by Glenelg. Here we shared a pizza, ate two yummy desserts and talked in front of the sunset. Lovely!

I’m super excited to have my bestie on uni holidays, meaning she is back to being a local for the next three months. We have already had a yummy dinner date, organising car pulls and participated in this this morning. I’ve missed her!

Mr J has got new glasses! They are very funky.

The other Tuesday I met with some lovely people to start organising this. Excitement has arrived and motivation is at a high!

Adelaide is starting to prepare us for summer. The weather has been above thirty degrees numerous times. We have been able to enjoy our late barbeques and salads, wear dresses and shorts, go to the beach, watch cricket and have 10pm swims.

Oh, and did I mention… I got into uni!! After expecting to find out early next year, I received a letter a number of Fridays ago informing me I will be studying Primary & Middle School Teaching. I’m a tad excited.

Until next time, keep sending those smiles around.

My Weekend

Last week I worked three night shifts and finished the week with ten hours of sandwich artist-ing on Friday. I was stuffed. Due to work I unfortunately missed out on a friends 30th Disney dress up party but got to smile at photos and enjoy costume shopping with Mr J and a friend. Mr J put on his Buzz Lightyear pants for the night.

Saturday I played tennis. We lost, but got a good handful of Vitamin D. The night was super! I spent it eating Thai with a friend, we talked so much that the waitress staff were kicking us out of the place. That didn’t stop us though… once we were outside we talked for another hour. Lots to catch up on! I finished the night with Mr J, talking about life over a Rekorderlig Cider {my favourite!}.

Sunday was beautiful. I didn’t rush out of bed. At 11am Mr J and I decided to cruise to Melbourne Street. He wanted breakfast, I wanted lunch. We found a lovely cafe that suited both our needs. We sat outside in the warm weather, people-watched, talked, noticed the Christmas decorations already hanging in the street and laughed about funny quotes. We detoured back to our car to enjoy the sun a little more and spent the afternoon watching a movie and chilling at a local baseball match. The day wasn’t over yet, we got to catch up with some awesome people – the boys watched the formula 1’s while the girls spent time on here, playing games and laughing at the night jokes. Great friend time.

I slept well.

Tiredness to Excitement to Dreams

Night shift makes me go topsy-turvy. I woke up and had breakfast at 2:00pm today. Missed lunch. Waiting for dinner. I’m delirious, however God has given us a beautiful day so I’m making the most of the sun. I don’t feel guilty to have chocolate almonds in my hand, for the reason that summer netball begins tonight before I have another 8 hour shift this evening.  Already looking forward to the weekend, dance lesson’s with Mr J {and others}, a very special ladies 30th birthday and some more nice weather. Bring it.

Sometimes my brain gets excited for possible future happenings {Pinterest assists this immensely}. At the moment they are:
* Road tripping around Australia
* Seeing Snow
* Owning and renovating a house
* Studying again > being a teacher
* Planning weddings
* Getting to know God better
* Having unlimited time to make my space my own and do craft
* DIY Christmas gifts
* Travelling to Europe

Patience is the key.
What are some of your dreams?

I hope your weeks are on a high! 

Living in sunshine, learning to live.

I mentioned what my day was like on Tuesday here. I spent the rest of that afternoon in the city exploring the Central Markets, reading in the sunshine at Victoria Square and eating samples from Charlesworth Nuts (dark chocolate macadamias are delish!) before catching a bus home with Mr J. Yesterday was normal, alarm > bus > work > bus > home. The bus for me at the moment is super, I’m enjoying reading my book, people watching and some ‘me’ time. Mr J says it may become old very soon though, what do the other bus catchers think? This morning I got a small sleep in, opened the blinds to the glorious sunshine and spent at least half an hour lying on the trampoline admiring the blue sky, warm breeze and hills scenery. It was glorious. Now, I’m leaving to learn how to keep people alive {first aid course}, followed by some calorie burning tonight on the netball court.

Thought for today:
Have you prayed about it as much as you have talked about it? Matthew 21:22

Prayer has been my strength lately.

Successful and Socialble Weekend

This weekend a friend and I coached the winning team of the Under 15 division 3 netball grand final. Intense. Minutes to go in the last quarter it was goal for goal, fortunately we were ahead by two when the final whistle blew. No voice left but the biggest smile on my face. Our girls fought until the end and are ready to celebrate at presentations next weekend. Mr J shouted Dad and I dinner that night where I demolished a gourmet pizza. We then ended the night playing board games and eating show bag goodies which my brother brought home from here.

Today {Sunday} began with a great church service, followed by lunch and the afternoon with Mr J’s family and close friends and ended with dinner and dessert at home, with my parents and brother. Once again, the weekend has flown, I’ve eaten way to much food but had a great time.

What did you get up to this weekend?

Sandwich Artist – That’s me!

You can say I haven’t done that for a while! Work. Yesterday and today I did five hours of paid training to work here as a ‘sandwich artist’. I’m tired. I’ll have a part time job at Subway, who are willing to work around any uni commitments I may have next year. Thankyou Lord {His plans always come together!}. One more day of training and I begin for real, in my home store. There is still lots to learn which I’m excited about. I’m especially looking forward to having an income again!

The weather wasn’t too bad in the city today, however as soon as I hit the hills I encountered rain, wind and cold. Not ideal for coaching a grand final netball training tonight but i’m thankful that I will be playing mixed netball afterwards INDOORS. I hope that everyone in Adelaide has company of a heater, warm meal, hot drink or blanket at the moment.

Have a funky Friday and a wonderful weekend!

Learning & Sharing


Yesterday Mr J and I felt like we were back at school. We listened to lectures, took notes, sat amongst children and adults and listened and spoke to teachers. This all happened at the Uni SA open day. I went to a lecture for this while Mr J went to this. Wow, so much information to take in yet I’m excited to be studying again. It’s a lot clearer now, with what we have to do to be accepted and prepare for this new step in our lives.

Five hours later we filled our stomachs with a roast meal (which we missed while we were in America) and a scrummy apple pie for dessert {“Welcome Home” written on top with pastry}. All made by Dad – a man of many talents! We ended the night continuing telling stories of our time away and sharing photos {- it’s not finished yet!}.

Many angles of Canada

Today was amazing. New experiences everywhere! I’m in awe of how beautiful Whistler is and I’m so excited to see what the rest of our tour has in store for us. This morning Mr J and I joined majority of our tour group for a canoe along the River of Golden Dreams. This was a beautiful, clear and clean lake with a view of mountains and silence all around. Picture perfect. The lake lead onto a river which we paddled on for approximately two hours. Minor rapids included. Mr J and I had the paddling down pat! We had to concentrate when riding on the rapids as no one wanted to capsize or fall into the water. The water was from the snow from the mountains – freezing! We had worked up an appetite from this activity therefore we enjoyed some Canadian hamburgs and fries for lunch. At 2.45pm we met with 8 others to participate in zip-lining. OH MY GOSH! This was beyond amazing and something that words or photos can not explain. We swung above the tress, over creeks and between valleys. Four zip-lines later we had gone over 90km/h, screamed, laughed and had enough adrenaline pumping to do anything {See the photo above – we swung on those cables}. Mr J and I felt so blessed and happy to have the opportunity to do this. The time came to take off our harness’s and helmets and go back to Whistler. We were sad for the fact the time was over but excited that our adventures aren’t over. We had some time to chill out before going out for dinner with everyone at an Irish pub. This was nice. I tried a tried Canadian Cocktail – it was disgusting. My food was good though. We sat with a couple from Germany who have worked in Toronto for the past 10 months, we learnt a lot over such a short amount of time. At 10pm, the day was not over, we joined everyone at a local club for an ’80’s night. We felt young. When some found out I wasn’t even born then, they were shocked. A couple hours later we were back in our hotel ready for sleep. Bring on tomorrow!

My Doings

In the last three days I have:

*Read God’s word {Romans 6 was a highlight}
*Ate soup
*Lived in maximum 14 degrees celcius weather
*Worn layers, big scarfs and my NEW fingerless gloves {fingerless so I can wear them all day and still type & write} as a result of above
*Used my travel mug {filled with chai tea!}
*Completed a crossword
*Listened to the rain on the roof while be snuggled under my bed covers
*Gave Mr J a card with 126 reasons why I’m thankful for him
*Attended work each day
*Cancelled netball training due to the massive amount of wet coming from the sky {aka rain}
*Looked into a travel card for overseas – 45 days to go!
*Tried my new bag on to make sure it still fits after a couple days – excitement might have a little bit to do with it too {maybe!}

& now I’m super dooper excited to spend some time with my bestie tonight. We will be eating Mum’s homemade chicken noodle soup and covering ourselves with blankets watching McLeods’ Daughters {or alternatively a good old chick flick!}. We’ll need some warmth for this weekend considering we will be getting down to our bodysuits for netball tomorrow {forecasted temperature: maximum 13 degrees celcius}, brrrrr!

Happy Friday everyone! What are your plans for the weekend?