Some excitement within my week… PLAY BALL!

This week has been full of work, however other exciting things have been happening! I experienced two baseball games in one week!

Number one was where we cheered Adelaide Bite on at Norwood Oval. We clapped to the interval songs, cheered, brought out some of our dance moves, laughed a lot, experienced five minutes in a limo and enjoyed the time spent with friends and not to mention the baseball too! This game prepared me for game number two {I was understanding the rules much better by now}. Game number two starred Mr J! The first game I had seen him play and he amazed me. Not being biased or anything but he was best of the field. Two hours felt like five minutes. Go the Dodgers!

What Dad left behind

Also, the weather has been stinking today! Hot! The brother decided to use the hose to wet everyone, unexpectedly. By this photo, I think Dad got a little wet.


Life Today

Dear air conditioner, thankyou for cooling my car after I let it sit in 32 degree heat for three hours. Dear pay-day, you have helped me buy Christmas presents, fuel my car and buy some of these as a treat. You don’t come around fast enough. Dear Monday, sometimes the best way to start you is with some sweetness at breakfast. You were delicious! Dear Jason Mraz, Mr J and I have found a new love for your song ‘I won’t give up‘. It is amazingly relevant for our life together. Dear Mr J, you make me blush when you dress in your nice shirt, are neatly groomed and smell of goodness. Thankyou for making an effort to impress me. Dear Christmas, it is only 29 days until you visit. My excitement levels are growing.. can’t wait to party for Jesus!

Happy Monday everybody. Only four more days until the weekend!

Orange Freshness


It’s predicted to get to 31 degrees today. I would say it is very close to that. Couldn’t find a better day to make homemade orange juice! Before my grandparents left for their holiday, they gave me a bag of South Australian oranges. My body wouldn’t cope with me eating that many oranges on my own, however drinking that many in juice is another story. I was surprised how much juice these fruit produce. I have a supply for a week or more! Not only do I have a lot, they are super tasty. No sugar needed, all natural and still sweet enough. Yum. Got to love your natural source of Vitamin C. Can’t wait to share it.

To make Orange Juice, all you need is a juicer {electric or not}, oranges and something to store the juice in.
Simply, squeeze the juice and pour into your juice storer and hey presto! Easy.


Last night I had some sibling bonding time with my brother. He picked me up from work, we went to the house watched movies, cooked dinner and talked. It was great. He left this afternoon after another movie, a trip to the shops and some lollies. Thanks brother!

Night shift tonight.

Sandwich Artist – That’s me!

You can say I haven’t done that for a while! Work. Yesterday and today I did five hours of paid training to work here as a ‘sandwich artist’. I’m tired. I’ll have a part time job at Subway, who are willing to work around any uni commitments I may have next year. Thankyou Lord {His plans always come together!}. One more day of training and I begin for real, in my home store. There is still lots to learn which I’m excited about. I’m especially looking forward to having an income again!

The weather wasn’t too bad in the city today, however as soon as I hit the hills I encountered rain, wind and cold. Not ideal for coaching a grand final netball training tonight but i’m thankful that I will be playing mixed netball afterwards INDOORS. I hope that everyone in Adelaide has company of a heater, warm meal, hot drink or blanket at the moment.

Have a funky Friday and a wonderful weekend!

Photo memories in the warmth of my home

I have the heater on, a cup a tea and the knowledge that it is below 10 degrees celcius outside. I’m in a good place. I have spent hours today reminiscing over a fantastic 6 week holiday, while going through the hundreds of photos I had printed. I managed to cut them down to 360 to fit into my photo album. This leaves me with a couple hundred to frame and scrapbook with all my tickets and maps.

I’m glad netball training is indoors tonight, which is followed by a girlie night at the movies with some friends.

Blood Pumping Good

1st August 2012
Pinch and a punch for the first day of the month!

Mr J and I started the month off in Dennys Diner with pancakes, bacon and eggs fuelling ourselves for another 5 hour drive towards Jasper. Today we entered the Rockies region. Amazing mountains. We stopped for a picnic lunch at Mt Robson. Mt Robson is quite shy as he rarely shows his head through the clouds. After some food a group of us swapped buses ready for our next adrenaline pumping activity. White water rafting. Exhilarating, rough, extremely wet but so much fun. We got chucked around in our 8 passenger raft along Fraser River for 12 kilometres. We were skilful enough to not fall out, instead we had a choice to swim in the freezing melted-snow water with a wetsuit to protect us. Mr J and I jumped in as we knew this was an opportunity we wouldn’t forget. It was cold. The German gentleman we met over dinner here leant me his jacket for the ride home, how lovely!

We reached our hotel in Jasper. It reminded me of the hotel in some of those British comedies with moose heads hanging on the wall, old wallpaper and floral covered arm chairs. Good vibes. We settled in, had time for a warm shower and then headed out to a brewery for dinner which was followed by drink at the bar within our hotel. Tonight we experienced something only Conitki participants experience. A shot which was invented and only drank for Contiki people, only at this hotel. A Beaver Licker. It has it’s own Canadian touch, with maple syrup whiskey and butterscotch schnapps. A ritual. The night ended very well, we spent it talking to our fellow contiki-ers including S&A.

A Moving Day


This morning Mr J and I caught our tour bus to the 9/11 memorial. This was an eye opening experience as we read the details and timelines of the event. We saw letters and dedications to the people that were lost and we stood where the twin towers stood. Mr J and I bought a jumper each, where all proceeds went to the 9/11 memorial. We walked though St Pauls Chapel. This was a place that served as a relief mission for recovery workers at Ground Zero. It was a beautiful chapel with amazing and touching displays inside {see photo above}. We caught a bus back to Times Square for lunch and spent a couple hours chilling out in our hotel room before hitting the sites again. We couldn’t go too far tonight as it starting raining in New York City but we did manage to go to Madame Tussaunds and have encounters with many famous people. Mr J was especially excited to have a photo with Yao Ming, Charlie Chaplin and Samuel L Jackson plus other sporting stars. I enjoyed the presence of Julia Roberts, Leonardo DiCaprio, Whoopie Goldberg, Spice Girls, Carrie Underwood plus more. After time with the famous we went for some ten pin bowling just down the street. It was fun. These two things were free with the New York Pass we purchased a while ago. The rain doesn’t stop anyone in NYC.

The Weather

It’s important to know what clothes to pack for overseas, especially with the difference in seasons! Today I did a little bit of web-surfing to find out what temperatures will hit us in the next couple of months.

Mr J won’t need to climatise too much for his first week out of the country…
Johannesburg, SA {WINTER} has an average of 11.1 degrees celsius in July

Then together we  jump onto summer in the states with these averages…
Tampa, Fl {WET SEASON} has an average of 32 degrees celsius in July
New York {SUMMER} has an average of 29 degrees celsius in July
Vancouver {SUMMER} has an average of 18 degrees celsius in July and August
San Fran {SUMMER} has an average of 20 degrees celsius in August

Can’t complain with that weather! 18 days to go and now I can start thinking about what to pack. Meanwhile, the local paper that was published yesterday informed me of the weather we will be getting in the next week {a tad different, but nice & cosy}.

Hello You {x7}

Hello June! You are the 6th month of the year therefore we are halfway through 2012. Wow you came around fast, I remember last time you visited like it was yesterday! Thanks for giving me the opportunity to “pinch and a punch for the first day of the month {no returns}” to all my family and friends today.

Hello Winter! Autumn made it an easy transition for you considering it lowered it’s temperatures to meet your expectations. I look forward to you giving me even more excuses to eat soup, put my electric blanket on, drink tea and wear layers {that’s until I hit the warmth of America and Canada of course}.

Hello Buddy Day!  After seeing you being advertised on tv this morning I went to your website. It’s great to see a day ‘celebrate friendship and raise awareness about the issue of bullying’. I also fell in love with the Buddy Handshake {Kids Only}! It’s fantastically wonderful to see the smiles you put on children’s faces.

Hello Go Red For Women! You are a campaign that helps fight against heart disease {the No. 1 killer of Australian women}. I heard you encourage people to wear Red at work, this morning I scurraged out some red nail polish just for you. I look forward to seeing what else you get up to this month!

Hello New Look! Living Life Today has had a make-over! Over the last couple days I have tried different layouts and colours to realise I fancy the simply, black and white look best. This way I don’t have to worry about my photos contrasting with the background and I hope it will be easy for you to navigate around. I have also updated the About page, please have a read?

Hello Blackcurent Scented Tea! I tried you for the first time today. Your smell drew me in straight away. I almost burnt my tongue wanting to try the taste of you too fast. You remind me of the blackcurrent flavoured jubes {lollies}. Mmmm. Thankyou for this experience. 

Hello Friday! You always seem to excite me. You are a lead up to the weekend and give me some extra freedom to do what I wish tonight. I don’t need to prepare myself for work tomorrow instead I’ll get a little bit of a sleep in. This Friday night will include dinner with a good friend, possibly a movie in front of the heater and a bed with an electric blanket.  

My Doings

In the last three days I have:

*Read God’s word {Romans 6 was a highlight}
*Ate soup
*Lived in maximum 14 degrees celcius weather
*Worn layers, big scarfs and my NEW fingerless gloves {fingerless so I can wear them all day and still type & write} as a result of above
*Used my travel mug {filled with chai tea!}
*Completed a crossword
*Listened to the rain on the roof while be snuggled under my bed covers
*Gave Mr J a card with 126 reasons why I’m thankful for him
*Attended work each day
*Cancelled netball training due to the massive amount of wet coming from the sky {aka rain}
*Looked into a travel card for overseas – 45 days to go!
*Tried my new bag on to make sure it still fits after a couple days – excitement might have a little bit to do with it too {maybe!}

& now I’m super dooper excited to spend some time with my bestie tonight. We will be eating Mum’s homemade chicken noodle soup and covering ourselves with blankets watching McLeods’ Daughters {or alternatively a good old chick flick!}. We’ll need some warmth for this weekend considering we will be getting down to our bodysuits for netball tomorrow {forecasted temperature: maximum 13 degrees celcius}, brrrrr!

Happy Friday everyone! What are your plans for the weekend?