Some excitement within my week… PLAY BALL!

This week has been full of work, however other exciting things have been happening! I experienced two baseball games in one week!

Number one was where we cheered Adelaide Bite on at Norwood Oval. We clapped to the interval songs, cheered, brought out some of our dance moves, laughed a lot, experienced five minutes in a limo and enjoyed the time spent with friends and not to mention the baseball too! This game prepared me for game number two {I was understanding the rules much better by now}. Game number two starred Mr J! The first game I had seen him play and he amazed me. Not being biased or anything but he was best of the field. Two hours felt like five minutes. Go the Dodgers!

What Dad left behind

Also, the weather has been stinking today! Hot! The brother decided to use the hose to wet everyone, unexpectedly. By this photo, I think Dad got a little wet.


My Wed-nes-day

I’ve recently noticed every time I go to write Wednesday, I have to say it as Wed-nes-day in my head {even though I know how to spell it!!}. Habit.

Not a lot has happened today. I’ve done the same routine I’ve done every Wednesday. Woke up, ate breakfast, got dressed, did my make-up and hair, drove to work, sat at my desk, responded to emails, wrote a contract, ate lunch and now waiting until the end of the day.

However, I would like put it like this:
This morning I woke up, still laying in my bed I made the most of the warmth before I had to get up into a house that has had no heating for the past 10 hours. I peek through my blind to see the gorgeous fog sitting around the trees. I stand up and put on my well-worn ugg boots and over-sized jumper. While enjoying a big bowl of cereal I read the catalogues sitting on the table dreaming about what I would buy to go into my own house one day. I over hear the exchange rate on TV for America is $1.01 and get a tad excited for this.  Per usual, I get dressed for work, do my hair and apply my make-up. Driving to work I thank God for the opportunity to earn an income. I arrive at work and start answering the phone with a husk-ier voice than normal {due to the slight cold I’m getting}. The next 5 hours go quite fast due to the amount of work I had to do. I especially enjoyed my pear at lunch time as I read our local paper. The next 3 hours are a tad slower but bearable. I’m looking forward to another night at home, with no plans and ready  for my busy weekend to start tomorrow. I’m happy.