The Surprise Date

I Love You Everyday Mr J!

Yesterday, the 2nd of December, Mr J and I celebrated three years together.

For two weeks I had been looking forward to our anniversary eve. Mr J had informed me he was taking me to a surprise destination, I was to wear formal and be ready by 7:30pm. At that time, Mr J drove in the driveway in his new outfit and looking very swish. I was trusted to close my eyes from the bottom of the freeway for the final ten minute drive. I tried to guess where we were heading but with my directional skills, no luck! The car was parked and I opened my eyes to this incredible and impressive restaurant. Wow! We were seated at a window seat where we had a prime view of Adelaide’s lights, & the best seat for some fireworks in the distance and plane landings. The food was incredible and the experience was even better. Mr J and I shared so many laughs and conversation. I was spoilt.

Our Adelaide Vire

Our Menu
Organic Sourdough Bread
Spencer Gulf king Prawn Tail on a barramundi and pecorino crepe
palette cleanser
mandarin and watermelon sorbet
Flinders Ranges’ Orrorroo Kangaroo Saddle
Chocolate Melange for Two
(including Mocha Panna Cotta, White Chocolate Cheesecake, Hazlenut chocolate pallet, Chocolate Mousse Cornetto, White Chocolate and Butterscotch Creme Brulee and a Glace Cherry and Chocolate Parfait)

I was super impressed. This man is a keeper.

I can’t thank God enough for blessing me with a man who I can call my true love, partner in crime, best friend, support, inspiration and personal comedian. We have shared so many amazing and difficult times together which have got us to where we are now and I wouldn’t change a thing! Mr J, thank you for being you and wanting to get to know me back in 2009.Happy Anniversary Mr J!



My Past Couple Weeks

Wow, I can’t believe I have not caught up with you all for two weeks. My apologies! Life has been hectic…

Working as an apple packer isn’t that bad. It’s physically challenging and quite draining. However, I have felt very welcome and shared many laughs with the ladies. It a very convenient drive and I get FREE apples {always a bonus!}.

Dance lessons with Mr J have been fun. We have learnt the rumba, cha cha, tango and a progressive jive.

Adelaide witnessed part of the eclipse that was happening around our country. Dad brought out his welding mask to view this amazing event. He slightly resembled Ned Kelly.

Netball and tennis are providing a regular social life and exercise for me. I love the people who I see weekly at mixed netball, summer netball and tennis.

Mr J and I have made the most of our quality time together. Last Sunday we drove to Harbour town, followed by Glenelg. Here we shared a pizza, ate two yummy desserts and talked in front of the sunset. Lovely!

I’m super excited to have my bestie on uni holidays, meaning she is back to being a local for the next three months. We have already had a yummy dinner date, organising car pulls and participated in this this morning. I’ve missed her!

Mr J has got new glasses! They are very funky.

The other Tuesday I met with some lovely people to start organising this. Excitement has arrived and motivation is at a high!

Adelaide is starting to prepare us for summer. The weather has been above thirty degrees numerous times. We have been able to enjoy our late barbeques and salads, wear dresses and shorts, go to the beach, watch cricket and have 10pm swims.

Oh, and did I mention… I got into uni!! After expecting to find out early next year, I received a letter a number of Fridays ago informing me I will be studying Primary & Middle School Teaching. I’m a tad excited.

Until next time, keep sending those smiles around.

Paintballing + Sleep

Since SAYCO, I’m still getting used to living on normal feelings compared to adrenaline. I’m also continuing to catch up on sleep. My two night shifts didn’t assist the sleep issue though… working midnight to six o’clock a.m made me feel like I had jet lag all over again. Hello grumpy Teagan! & that was only training so I’m prepared for more of them.

I finished the week off with some lovely people as we trekked to the middle of nowhere to play paintball. What a blast! After four games of shooting paint, hiding behind fences, forts and trees, laughing at each other and dressed in camouflage we came away with memories and a few bruises {I have one at least three times the size of a golf ball, while dad counted 17 bruises on his body!}. We drove another hour to Victor Harbour for lunch where the rain held off and God provided some beautiful sunshine for a picnic. Due to exhaustion many of us had a ‘shut-eye’ on the way home. Mum, Dad and I made scrummy home-made pizzas for dinner as we reminisced about our day. Thankyou Nan & Farnder for the voucher, thankyou Dad for paying and organising it too!

Successful and Socialble Weekend

This weekend a friend and I coached the winning team of the Under 15 division 3 netball grand final. Intense. Minutes to go in the last quarter it was goal for goal, fortunately we were ahead by two when the final whistle blew. No voice left but the biggest smile on my face. Our girls fought until the end and are ready to celebrate at presentations next weekend. Mr J shouted Dad and I dinner that night where I demolished a gourmet pizza. We then ended the night playing board games and eating show bag goodies which my brother brought home from here.

Today {Sunday} began with a great church service, followed by lunch and the afternoon with Mr J’s family and close friends and ended with dinner and dessert at home, with my parents and brother. Once again, the weekend has flown, I’ve eaten way to much food but had a great time.

What did you get up to this weekend?

Inspire #2

I found out recently that life can be what ever YOU make it to be and your experiences come from whatever YOU chose to do. The following two quotes sum this up quite well.

Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.

The happiness of your life depends on the quality of your thoughts. ~ Marcus Aurelius Antonius

To see more quotes, go here and stay tuned for more to come!

Today I caught the bus into town with Mr J, attended a meeting, read this book in the library for two hours {this book is a massive inspiration also}, bought my father’s day gift, saw a cute cupcake van on the side of the road and then traveled back to Mr J’s house on the bus again after he finished work. We finished the day seeing my inspiration, my Dad receive life membership at our local football club over a 3 course meal. The award was very well deserved.

Shopping Exercises

I didn’t have time to walk today as I had a commitment in the city. However, I did get some exercise walking from shop to shop in Rundle Mall and Rundle Street. I found this store and this store which I could easily become a regular too. I got caught in the rain which meant I needed to spend a little extra time here. I’m not complaining! A few clothe purchases later I realised it was past my parking time expiry therefore I ran back to my car. I was relieved to see a clean windscreen once I got there – Thank you Lord!

It’s amazing to think that this time last week, Mr J and I were spending our first night back in Australia. I hope you have an exciting rest of the week.

Fun throughout

Today started with a lovely walk and chat with a long-time friend. We strolled past the beautiful green paddocks and animals the Hills have to offer. As I got dropped off home, I gained a gorgeous cardigan and top which was handed down from my friend. Privileged! This afternoon I spent hanging up a load of washing in the fresh, slightly warmer than usual air, cooking dinner, writing in my new journal and surfing the net for nice dining in Adelaide. Tonight, I decided it was my turn to spoil Mr J. Wearing my new cardigan, we went here and I ate a delicious chicken schnitty {which I couldn’t find anywhere in the States!}, we shared cheesecake for dessert and spent the next hour and more playing pool. I won one, I helped Mr J win another and Mr J won two on his own. It was fun. I came home to find my brother packing for his 4 day rock climbing camp, lollies on the table and an electric blanket heated bed. Life’s good –  God has given me a lot to be thankful for.

Enjoying the small things

Over the last couple days, I have been able to enjoy things the little things. Things that I haven’t done for a while…

I took in the scenery as I went for a drive in Adelaide. We really are the city of churches, but what beautiful churches some of them are!

I visited T2, finally! What an amazing store. I even got the taste-test choc chip chai, mmmm.

I helped complete a puzzle with my family and MrJ’s brother. I forgot how fun these were and how much time flies. This one was super tricky with MANY colours and curved edges. I’m glad I didn’t do it alone!

Don’t let the little daily opportunities and events get away from you. Take a moment to breath, laugh and enjoy.
What are some little things you enjoy doing?